This is my blog that I will be posting my stories and musings. Its not meant to be any kind of a professional site. The stories I have written are very much at the novice level and while I hope to improve I have a realistic attitude and know my limitations. I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a Midwestern farm girl who grew up and moved to the big city. I am originally from Iowa (go HAWKS!) and I moved to the desert Southwest big city of Phoenix a long time ago. I have been married to the most wonderful husband for over 27 years. I work for a large IT company. I’ve taught at the Univ of Phoenix as a interim professor. I have Multiple Sclerosis, and speak on behalf of the drug company that saved my life with their medication. I’m an animal lover and a grandma with six grand kids! I also enjoy shooting my Glock 19 handgun. I’m an avid shooter of any sort of gun, but enjoy the Glock for personal protection. I definitely believe in strict gun laws and have undergone many hours of training and practice to receive my concealed weapons permit. My husband actually came up with my blog name and I use it most places such as Twitter, LiveJournal, and AO3.

My passion for writing fan fiction began with the hit TV show House first came on the scene. Then as that fazed out and was finished, I latched onto NCIS and have been a die-hard fan ever since about 2005. Yes, I’ve watched all of the first two seasons of episodes, but sorry didn’t catch on to its greatness until later. I hope you enjoy the stories I post here!


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